One Smart Cat


When I gave my platform for the office of Mensa chapter president, I promised that I would tell the story of what happened when I invited the "Catwoman of Batman" to Mensa. OK, TV trivia experts-- who was the original Catwoman on Batman? Actually, if you're talking about the 60's TV series, there were three: Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt. The first two of these people I've met. We'll start with Julie. She also had her own TV show in the mid-60's called "My Living Doll". She played a sexy, female robot who did anything that she was told; Even to the point of being too literal about every command she recieved! If she got an order that she didn't understand, she would say in a monotone, "Does-not-compute". Which became a common catch-phrase at my college, a nice counter-phrase that really meant, "I-don't-know-what-the-heck-your-talking-about". Although Bill Gates has yet to invent a computer system that looks like her, it turns out that in real life she is quite intelligent! A year or so ago, she made a personal appearence at a Denver nostalgia show. Still statuesque and striking at 57, she answered questions and told us what she was doing these days. She's selling real-estate in California, is divorced, and has a 12 year old son who is deaf. Someone asked her about her reputation as a highly intelligent person. She modestly passed it off as "everyone is intelligent in some way", but didn't elaborate. So, as I clutched a photograph of her in preparation for an autograph, I thought that I would find out more. (the photograph showed her in full catwoman garb, complete with fuzzy ears and whiskers. Although I have strong opinions about women with whiskers, in her case I'll make an exception) After she asked me my name, (to assist her in writing, "Don, You're Wonderful, Julie Newmar" on her picture) I asked her, "Are you a Mensa Member?" She said no, but she was featured in an article a few years ago in the national Mensa magazine. Then I said, "You should join; Two thirds of the group are men, and it's a great place to meet smart, single guys." She looked up at me. Her eyes grew wide. She purred, "Thanks for the advice!!" Yes, I believe I made software contact with the shapeliest hard-drive that I've ever seen. This time "It-does-compute". Every month now, I always check the new members list, just hoping, that just maybe..... Dream on, Mueller.

One final note; I also mentioned that I once met Lee Meriwether; I did a radio interview with her a few years ago. She was the most personable actress I've ever met. But I'll save the details of that for a later column!

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