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Name and Location:

Don Mueller, Englewood Co.

Hobbies and Interests:

Single Women, Video Production, Radio and TV announcing, Photography, Keyboards, Computers.

I don't know what's so special about Websites. Heck, I've had websites in various parts of my house for 23 years! But, enough about my own problems in acquiring the right insecticide, let's talk about what the point of this website is that you just found. I've had a lot of interesting experiences in my life, and, if you enjoy reading funny stories, I've got 'em. I'm a member of Mensa, (it's a nationwide social organization for smart people who enjoy meeting other smart people, for more information, go to American Mensa ) and I've written a number of columns in one of their newsletters, telling everybody all of my showbiz stories about famous people I've met, etc. Now I believe in getting a lot of mileage from anything that I do, including my various writings. One way is to publish a book. Since I probably would have trouble selling something like that, even to my own mother, thus nullifying any justification for financial expenditure, a free homepage is a fine, fine idea! If you have accidentally stumbled onto this site, I hope you enjoy what you see, and thanks for dropping by! And let me know what you think!

I'm secretly famous, and when you read my articles, you'll find out why. It's quite likely that you've already seen me on national TV. So, let's quite fritterin' around and get on with it! Choose and click titles from my index directly below what you would like to read!!

The Fur Flies (How to win 10 Grand easy!)

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How to REALLY Impress a First Date! (Famous Stars)

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Why I'm Still Single

One Smart Cat (Julie Newmar)

For All Bookworms

The Great Train Hoax

My Low Emotional Quotient

TV is too good!

She's Too Fat For Me

My Bio

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